Life Events Studio | About
I fell in love with photography in high school. I still have my old 35mm Minolta camera that I used at the beginning of my fascination with viewing the world through the lens. If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you that I have always been the visual historian of the group. I can't classify myself as a particular kind of photographer -- portrait, landscape, whatever -- I am a keeper of moments in time. Whether it's that special look between two people in love or the light touching a flower in just a perfect way, I am compelled to capture that moment.

I am truly fortunate that I have been able to retire from my job that has supported me all these years and give my full attention to photography and video.  It gives me the ability to fully focus on my clients and give them the best quality product.  I have recently acquired a drone and I am very excited to add this dimension to my photography/video offerings to my clients.

I also put together custom-made video and/or slide shows for special events such as graduations, birthdays, retirements and anniversaries. I scan all of your personal photos and put together a touching and personal show that will be cherished and watched for many years. In addition, I produce video and/or slide shows for commercial purposes such as trade shows.

Please browse, enjoy, and call me for you photo or video needs.