Life Events Studio: Blog en-us (C) Beth Tobin - Life Events Studio (Life Events Studio) Tue, 23 Jan 2018 23:53:00 GMT Tue, 23 Jan 2018 23:53:00 GMT Life Events Studio: Blog 80 120 Costa Rica Pura Vida!  I have again taken an adventure with photographer friends to Costa Rica.  I so love traveling with other photographers.  No one every asks the question, "Are you done taking pictures of that?"  From the crowded, hectic Central Mercado of San Jose to the vast, lush rainforest, we experienced it all through the lens.  We were so fortunate to stay at Finca Luna Nueva, a biodiverse organic farm practicing regenerative agriculture.  It is a working farm and teaching center.  Farm to table dining was delightful. Having the farm as our home base was perfect. The trip would not have been the same if we had stayed in a hotel.  Our photographic expeditions included, church ruins, the Arenal Volcano, Cano Negro Wildlife Preserve, Tabacon Hot Springs, Semana Santa, LaPaz waterfall, the entire rainforest farm and so much more.  Thousands of pictures were taken.  It was an unforgettable and unique experience. 

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Monument Valley I have fell behind in reflecting on some of my travels.  I went to Monument Valley over a year ago and it was a photographers paradise.  I traveled with other photographers and we were fortunate to have Navajo guides that could take us to areas that are prohibited with out a native guide.  It is Navajo land and is sacred to them.  It was an experience that all photographs should have at least once.  Every morning, before sunrise, several Navajo guides would pick us up and take us to a location for sunrise.  Stunning!  Of course, they knew just the right spots.  We covered so many areas of Monument Valley that I have no idea how many dusty miles we traveled.  My favorite picture of the entire trip was not a landscape but rather a picture of our guide, Fred.  He was not just a guide. He wanted us to understand his culture.  Fred invited all of us to his home on the last night of the trip.  He grilled kabobs and made fry bread for us.  We sat in Fred's yard under millions of stars and shared our gratitude for this adventure.

View from my room

     The view from my room.

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What to do with your unused Christmas cards?

Dont' throw away your unused Christmas cards!

If you are like me, you buy a box of cards and there are a few unused cards when you are done sending out your seasons greetings.  I really hate to throw them away but I also do not want to send the same cards next year.  My husband had this brilliant idea that senior citizens could really use those cards.  My mother-in-law is in assisted living.  She wanted to send out cards so we bought her a small box of cards.  She only used a few and we had all these leftovers.  My husband remarked that it would be nice if all of those extra cards could be pooled and used by other seniors.  Many senior citizens have limited income and cards are quite expensive.  That is when the ideas for Grandmas Cards was born.  We are encouraging people to hang on to their cards.  Don't throw them away!  We plan to have collection sites to pick up cards.  After talking with a director of a senior living center, she became very excited about having this opportunity available to residents.  We envisioned having card parties in November at several senior centers where residents could come and pick out their cards.  It would also be a great service project for schools, churches , etc. to help with these card parties.  Many residents need assistance in addressing their cards and volunteers could help them with that.  It is so easy and a win/win for everyone.  You get rid of your unwanted cards and seniors have access to free, brand new cards to send to their family and friends.  So, save those cards!

For more information contact Mike or Beth at






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Little Weddings Little Weddings I have decided that I love little weddings.  This wedding was held in a beautiful log home.  It was such a heartfelt, intimate ceremony that it brought me to tears.  I hope to do more of these very special little weddings that have such big heart.

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Lexi's 1st Birthday

An absolute doll!  She is such a little package of cuteness.  She didn't quite know what to make of all of this attention.  I had a wonderful time taking pictures of the birthday girl and her adoring family. 


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The Bowell Wedding What a beautiful October day for a wedding.  It was so special to be a part of this day.  I love seeing two people so in love.  You could just feel the happiness from everyone.  Congratulations to the Bowells!

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Opening Day of Trout Season Fishing is one of my favorite things to do. The simple act of standing in a stream with my line in the water has a zen-like affect on me.  Everything else in my life fades away and it's just the moment.  Opening Day was cold and beautiful.  It was a view of Montauk State Park that I rarely get to see.  The park was all dressed in a clean, fresh veil of snow.  I'm so glad that my fishing girlfriends (Reel Ladies)  decided to take the crazy trip to be a part of this experience.
Opening Day of Trout Season Opening Day of Trout Season Opening Day of Trout Season Opening Day of Trout Season

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The Price Family

This family is always so wonderful to work with.  They have added a new fur baby to their family.  Now Zeus has a new brother, Nigel.  These little dogs are so cute you just want to cuddle them.  

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Baby Colton Colton has just turned one!  I photographed Colton and his family last fall and it's amazing to see how much he has grown.  I love those eyes and sweet baby toes.  He gave us about 15 minutes of photo opportunity and he was done with the unwanted attention.  Such a cutie.

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The Blood Moon I hope my neighbors weren't looking.  I was dressed in pajamas, a hoodie and a polka dot robe to photograph the Blood Moon.  It was so cold but I endured long enough to see this progression happen.  

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The Botanical Garden Things are just emerging at the Botanical Garden.  My friend, Martha and I took a long walk through the garden and found many beautiful things to photograph.  Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.


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Cavender Family I had such a great time with the Cavender's.  They are such a wonderful family.  We had a perfect fall day for pictures and even baby Colton was cooperative with the whole thing.  Trenton really didn't want to hold his sister's hand but he indulged me and his parents.  These are the cutest kids!

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Wuenneberg Family I had the privilege of hanging out with the Wuenneberg family a few weeks ago.  I have known Ashley since she was a baby.  She is now 10 and growing into a smart, happy, beautiful young woman.  I loved hanging out with this family.  They are some of my favorite people

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My Digital World



Hummingbird at my window

I so love the world of digital photography and the unlimited possiblities it presents.  I have been watching this one little hummingbird that seems to enjoy the delicate flowers in my planter.  Of course, capturing a hummingbird requires a little patience and a very fast shutterspeed but the result always makes me smile.  One rarely gets the chance to examine these little creatures closely since the are darting about at a frantic pace.  When I developed this picture it reminded me of a hummingbird picture I had seen somewhere when I was a child.  It was old and faded but I remember thinking that it made the picture look even more beautiful.  Digital photography allows me to take a picture and use various methods, layers and textures to "create" a photograph not just "take" a photograph.  I think I might print this one.

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Off the Beaten Path Sometimes it pays to get off the beaten path.  My friend, Martha, and I headed to Eminence last weekend for a photo adventure.  What a beautiful area.  We certainly traveled our share of dirt roads but the result was worth it.

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The Beginning This is my first attempt at blogging and my first website.  The website has been a hair pulling experience and I'm not finished with it yet but, I'm getting there.  I hope that others will enjoy my images as much as I enjoy taking them.

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